Содержание фильма Public Enemies

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Содержание фильма Public Enemies

In the film, Dillinger is shown participating in a 1933 prison break from Indiana State Prison and frees some of his associates in a shootout. In reality, Dillinger did help smuggle weapons into the prison for his associates, [47] however it is unclear how: Burrough’s book reports that some believed Dillinger tossed the weapons over the prison fence, while other accounts (and the film) suggest that the guns were smuggled in boxes of silk sent to the prison shirt factory. Also, Dillinger was not present during the escape, because he was imprisoned in Lima, Ohio at the time, and «few shots were fired» according to historian Elliott Gorn (the only injury was a clerk shot in the leg, and no guards were killed). [48] Dillinger’s preexisting friendship with those he helped break out, like Pierpont and Makley, who had taught Dillinger how to rob banks while he was in prison with them previously, [49] is not presented. Mann explained that «[Dillinger and his associates] employed techniques picked up from the military by a man [. ] [who] mentored Walter Dietrich, the man who died at the beginning of the movie, who mentored Dillinger. So Dillinger’s time in prison was really a post-graduate course in robbing banks, but what really interested me was he doesn’t so much get out of prison when he’s released but he explodes out». [50] There is then a scene where Purvis is promoted by J. Edgar Hoover after personally gunning down Pretty Boy Floyd in an apple orchard near the start of the movie. Floyd was actually killed three months after Dillinger’s death, and Purvis was just one of several agents present. He was also killed in an open field beside a barn, not in an apple orchard. [51]

Michael Mann, the director, decided to shoot the movie in HD format instead of using the traditional 35mm film. [31] Public Enemies would be Mann’s first all-digital feature.

Содержание фильма Public Enemies

In April 2008 the production filmed in Oshkosh. [27] Filming occurred downtown and at Pioneer Airport, including scenes shot using a historic Ford Trimotor airliner owned by the Experimental Aircraft Association. [28] Later that month, filming started at the Little Bohemia Lodge. In April and May 2008, film crews shot on the grounds of Ishnala, a historic restaurant in the Wisconsin Dells area.

Critics also gave praise to the film’s cinematography and set pieces. Manohla Dargis of The New York Times stated: «Michael Mann’s ‘Public Enemies’ is a grave and beautiful work of art. Shot in high-definition digital by a filmmaker who’s helping change the way movies look, it revisits with meticulous detail and convulsions of violence a short, frantic period in the life and bank-robbing times of John Dillinger.» [42]

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