Содержание фильма Musta Jaa Black Ice

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Содержание фильма Musta Jaa Black Ice

Musta jää is a psychological Ménage à trois, where two women compete for the same man. Saara is a doctor who finds out her husband, an architecture teacher, is having an affair with a young student called Tuuli. Saara develops a new identity so she can befriend her husband’s mistress. The movie takes place in Helsinki.

Other cast members include: Netta Heikkilä as Krista; Väinö Heiskanen as Joonas; Philipp Danne as Uwe; Matti Laine as Komu; Emilia Sinisalo as Receptionist; and Anne von Keller as Nurse.

Содержание фильма Musta Jaa Black Ice

Black Ice was nominated for nine Jussi Awards, eventually winning five, including Best Lead Actress (Outi Mäenpää) and Best Film. Petri Kotwica was also nominated for Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival as was Ria Kataja for her role as Tuuli at the Festroia International Film Festival. [ citation needed ]

The film was first screened [ citation needed ] at the Helsinki International Film Festival on 26 September 2007 before being released to the Finnish movie theaters on 19 October 2007.

Psychological and very sexy thriller in a game of cat and mouse. What Black Ice tends to focus on is honor and honesty more than actual love. The partners are together, but it’s never clear as to why. In one instance we find out that the marriage at the center of the movie has had all of its big moments marked by an affair. Maenpaa gives a fantastic performance as a woman investigating her husband’s affair. She wants answers, but doesn’t resort to petty violence or making a scene. Towards the end she does begin to crack. A more malicious character is shown, but at the same time we understand where the aggression came from. People justify their actions, but more people end up getting hurt. It’s never terribly shocking, but the way the director handles conflict is very imaginative. The non-violent martial arts lessons, showing a restrained form of anger where all the punches are being thrown by the looks in the eyes. Stunning cinematography that captures the frozen landscapes, and a haunting and chilling score also provide extra atmosphere.

An average psychological drama about love and betrayal. Unfortunately, they didn’t focus enough on exploring emotions to its brink and developing chemistry between the characters. It rather swayed through the portions. There are some engaging moments, but they’re few and far between. The performances were okay, but not great enough to make up for the movie’s flaws. Besides, I thought maybe there’s something in store for the ending, but that too turned out to be a a bummer. Yet, all in all, the movie falls under the «watch and forget» category. It’s not bad, in fact, had they put in a bit more of effort, it had the potential to bag an Oscar. JK.

Musta jää (Black Ice)2007

A showcase for Finnish acting talent and a significant step forward for Kotwica, though the closing reels of Musta Jää dilute its power as a psychological thriller in favour of plot twists more at home in a soap opera.

A tense psychological thriller that grows gripping and suffocating as we follow a cheated woman carrying a twisted plan of revenge till the last consequences — and it is brilliantly directed, paying great attention to details, and with two amazing performances by the lead actresses.

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