Описание фильма Soul Men

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Описание фильма Soul Men

«It was only controversial because Spike Lee made a thing of it,” said Rae Dawn Chong years later. “He’d never seen the movie and he just jumped all over it. He was just starting and pulling everything down in his wake. If you watch the movie, it’s really making white people look stupid. It [the film] is adorable and it didn’t deserve it,”» [1]

I’m shocked at how truly harmless that movie is, and how the anti-racial message involved in it is so prevalent. This isn’t a movie about blackface. This isn’t a movie that should be considered irresponsible on any level. It’s very funny. It made me much more aware of the issues we face on a day-to-day basis, and it made me much more sensitive to racism. It’s an innocent movie, it’s got innocent messages, and it’s got some very, very deep messages. And I think the people that haven’t seen it that judge it are horribly wrong. I think that’s more offensive than anything. Judging something you haven’t seen is the worst thing you can really do. In fact, Soul Man sort of represents that all the way through. I think it’s a really innocent movie with a very powerful message, and it’s an important part of my life. I’m proud of the performance, and I’m proud of the people that were in it. A lot of people ask me today, “Could that movie be made today?». Robert Downey Jr. just did it in Tropic Thunder. The difference is that he was just playing a character in Tropic Thunder, and there was no magnifying glass on racism, which is so prevalent in our country. I guess that’s what makes people more uncomfortable about Soul Man. But I think it’s an important movie. [3]

Описание фильма Soul Men

The film was widely criticized for featuring a Caucasian actor wearing blackface. [5] When the film was released, some protests took place within the black community. [6]

In defending the film, producer Steve Tisch said it was like Tootsie. «It used comedy as a device to expose sexual stereotyping. I think Soul Man uses it to explode racial stereotyping.» [7]

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