Описание фильма Bangkok Dangerous

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Описание фильма Bangkok Dangerous

The film grossed US$42.5 million, of which $15.3 million was from the US. [2] However, the film grossed US$7.8 million on its opening weekend making this the first film since Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star to debut at number 1 with such a low gross. Lionsgate distribution topper Steve Rothenberg said, «It will be a nicely profitable film for us.» [11] The film’s budget was $45 million. [2]

Midway through the movie, Joe meets Fon, a deaf-mute pharmacist, with whom he becomes intrigued after a brief consultation. Joe later returns to the pharmacy to invite Fon out for dinner. Soon after Joe falls for Fon and meets her mother. The affair is cut short when he shoots and kills two assailants in Fon’s presence. Blood splatters on Fon, and she runs off, trembling and traumatized by the violent deaths. Feeling betrayed, Fon cannot forgive Joe and ends their relationship.

Описание фильма Bangkok Dangerous

Joe (Cage) is a professional freelance contract killer who works strictly by the rules; never socializing outside his work, staying secluded in quiet spots, never interacting or meeting with his handlers and always leaving on time without a trace. He usually hires young pickpockets or small-time criminals as his local help, whom he usually murders after the end of the job to prevent any identification. He uses multiple aliases and also has middlemen between him and his handlers. He also carries a watch to perform a hit in specific time and correctly visualizes his every target.

The original film’s main character is a deaf hitman, whose disability makes him a fearless, unflinching gunman. That character has been changed in the remake. «We’d like to keep him the same, but we understand that from a marketing point of view Nic needs to have some lines,» Oxide was quoted as saying in the New York Times. «So what we’re going to do is transform his girlfriend instead into a deaf-mute. This switch will maintain the drama of communication between the two main characters.» [8]

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