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Kerio Vpn Client Android

If you’re a Network Administrator you will most likely heard of Kerio Control, an excellent Firewall, Router and Leading-Edge IPS solution developed and mantained by Kerio, Inc (we already mentioned it here). Among the various services offered, Kerio Control also includes a proprietary VPN implementation called Kerio VPN, accessible through a proprietary VPN client called Kerio Control VPN Client. To configure it you can refer to the official documentation.

There’s another bad news about it: Kerio VPN clients are not always backward-compatible, meaning that you could experience connection issues – or not being able to connect at all – if you use a build meant for a Kerio Control different from the one you’re trying to connect to. Long story short, in order to avoid problems you’re expected to use the corresponding build.

Kerio Control VPN Client, All Versions — Direct Download Links

Once you do that, you can choose between enabling the IPsec VPN protocol (you can get more info about that here) or use the proprietary Kerio VPN protocol only. The former is more versatile, since it lets you to use any any VPN client software supporting L2TP/IPsec, but it’s widely known to be a less secure choice (for good reasons – more info here); if you want to take the most secure solution, the latter is definitely your best choice: however, being it a Kerio proprietary protocol, you’ll need to use the Kerio Control VPN Client only, which is not available for a most of platforms – including Android and iOS mobile browsers.

That’s the main reson of this post: we’ve put together a list of all the publicly available Kerio VPN client builds released so far by Kerio Inc. to help those who’re looking for a specific version of the Kerio VPN client.

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Kerio vpn client android

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